By Tim Lambert

Early Amesbury

6th Century The Saxons found a settlement at Amesbury. It takes its name from a nearby Celtic hill fort.

10th Century Amesbury is a royal manor. The Saxons parliament called the Witan meets there twice.

979 A nunnery is founded in Amesbury

13th Century Amesbury is granted the right to hold weekly markets and annual fairs. It becomes a little market town.

1348 The population of Amesbury peaks at about 1,000. The little town is devastated by the Black Death but it soon recovers.

1540 The nunnery in Amesbury is closed by Henry VIII

1661 A new house is built on the site of the nunnery

1670 Amesbury is know for making clay pipes

1750 Amesbury has dwindled and is only a large village

1801 Amesbury has a population of only 721

1837 A workhouse is built in Amesbury

1851 Amesbury is growing and its population is nearing 1,200

1878 A gasworks opens

Modern Amesbury

1902 The railway reaches Amesbury

1922 Amesbury is growing rapidly and it gains an electricity supply

1936 A cinema opens in Amesbury

1963 The railway to Amesbury closes

1970 Amesbury by-pass is built

1973 A new library is built in Amesbury

1974 A Sports Hall opens in Amesbury

1976 A new police station is built in Amesbury

1997 Amesbury gains a mayor

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