By Tim Lambert

Early Ayr

1197 A castle is built by the River Ayr

1205 King William the Lion creates a burgh at Ayr. The little town has weekly markets.

1230 Dominican Friars (Black Friars) come to Ayr

1261 Ayr is granted an annual fair. Ayr is a busy little port with a population of about 1,500.

1301-1312 Ayr is in English hands

1315 A Scottish parliament meets in Ayr

Medieval Ayr

1534 Loudon Hall is first mentioned

1545 Plague strikes Ayr but the little port soon recovers

1647 Plague strikes Ayr again but it soon recovers. The little town has a population of over 2,000.

1652 Oliver Cromwell's men build a fort at Ayr

1760 Sir Thomas Wallace creates Wallacetown. Wool and linen are made in Ayr.

1788 New Bridge is built

1796 Ayr Academy is founded

19th Century Ayr

1801 Ayr parish has a population of almost 5,500. Newton has a population of 1,700.

1823 The Burns Monument is erected

1826 The streets of Ayr are lit by gas

1830 The Town Buildings are erected

1840 The railway reaches Ayr

1842 Ayr gains a water supply

1893 The Carnegie Library is built

20th Century Ayr

1901 Ayr has a population of 31,000. Electric trams begin to run in the streets of Ayr.

1911 A pavilion is built

1931 The trams stop

1936 McAdam's Monument is built

1951 The population of Ayr is 44,000

1965 Craigie College is founded

1971 Ayr bypass is built

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