By Tim Lambert

c 700 Bermondsey is a Saxon village

1089 A Cluniac Abbey is founded at Bermondsey

1536 Bermondsey Abbey is closed

1570 Joris Hoefnagel paints the Feast at Bermondsey

1660s Following the Great Fire of London in 1666 rich Londoners move to Bermondsey

1690 The Church of St Mary Magdalene was rebuilt

1770 Thomas Keyse discovers a spring on his land. Bermondsey becomes a spa town.

1804 Bermondsey Spa closes

1880 Bermondsey is a flourishing industrial centre and a port

1960 Bermondsey docks and warehouses are now in rapid decline

1981 The London Docklands Development Corporation is formed

1989 Bermondsey Design Museum opens

2003 Bermondsey Textile Museum opens

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