By Tim Lambert

Medieval Beverley

705 A monastery is founded by Beaver Stream

721 John of Beverley is buried at the monastery

1037 John is canonized and soon pilgrims come to visit his tomb. As a result a town grows up at Beverley.

12th Century A new market place is built (Saturday Market)

1188 Beverley Minster burns

1230s Dominican friars (black friars) arrive in Beverley

c. 1267 Franciscan friars (grey friars) arrive in Beverley

1297 Trinity Hospital is founded

15th Century Beverley is famous for its brick and tile industry. It is also famous for its leather industry and its cloth industry. The population of Beverley is over 5,000.

Renaissance Beverley

1520 The central tower of St Mary's Church collapses. By this time Beverley is in steep decline.

1573 Beverley is given a corporation and mayor

1599 Beverley is described as very poor and depopulated

c. 1690 Beverley has dwindled to a population of only 3,000 although it is described as a very fine town

1700 Lairgate Hall is built

1714 A market cross is erected in Saturday Market

1744 The road to Hull is turnpiked

1770 The population of Beverley is about 4,000

19th Century Beverley

1801 Beverley has a population of about 5,400

1809 Beverley is lit by oil lamps

1834 Beverley is lit by gas

1846 Beverley is connected to Hull by railway

1871 Beverley has a population of about 10,200

1876 A cottage hospital is built in Beverley

1883 Beverley gains a piped water supply

1884 Typhoid strikes Beverley

1889 Beverley gains sewers

20th Century Beverley

1901 Beverley has a population of 13,000

1906 The first public library opens in Beverley

1910 A museum and art gallery opens

1912 The first cinema in Beverley opens

1930 Homes in Beverley gain electricity

1960s Swinemoor Industrial Estate is built

1973 The Southeast bypass is built

1981 Toll Gavel and Butcher Row are pedestrianised

2011 The population of Beverley is 29,000

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