By Tim Lambert

Early Bognor

1784, 1785, 1786 Richard Hotham stays at Bognor and decides to create a seaside resort there

1791 Bognor has its first season

1799 Hotham dies but he has built 30 houses as well as other buildings in Bognor

1804 Daniel Wonham builds a crescent of houses at Rock Gardens

1818 Bedford Street is built

1822 A body of men is formed to pave the streets of Bognor

1826 Claremont Hotel is built. A Methodist Chapel opens in Chapel Street.

1829 Norfolk Hotel is built

1830 John Street is built

1831 Bognor has a population of 1,300

1852 A gasworks opens in Bognor

1864 The railway reaches Bognor

1865 The pier opens

1867 A police station is built in Bognor

1870 A concrete sea wall is built

1872 Bognor gains a newspaper

1873 Bognor is made a separate parish from Bersted

1874 Horse drawn buses start running

1892 Bognor gains a golf course

1894 Bognor is made an urban district council

Modern Bognor

1901 Bognor has a population of 5,067

1909 Bognor gains its first cinema

1913 Bognor gains electric light

1919 The War Memorial Hospital opens

1938 Bognor has a population of over 18,000

1929 George V stays at Bognor. He later gives the town permission to add Regis to its name

World War II In Bognor 38 people are killed by bombing

1948 Bognor College opens.

1960 Butlins Holiday Camp opens

1964 A new public library opens

1974 Felpham Comprehensive opens

1978 Arun Leisure Centre opens

1979 Middleton Health Centre opens

2001 The population of Bognor is 55,000

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