By Tim Lambert

Early Bournemouth

1810 A man named Tregonwell buys land and builds the first house at Bournemouth

1836 Sir George Tapps-Gervis decides to create a seaside resort at Bournemouth

1837-38 Westover Villas is built

1838 The Bath Hotel is built

1840 The stagecoach from Christchurch to London begins to call at Bournemouth

1851 The Church of St Peters is consecrated. Bournemouth has a population of 695.

1856 Bournemouth police force is founded. A body of men are given powers to pave and clean the streets.

1864 Bournemouth gains gas light

1866 Bournemouth gains a piped water supply

1870 The railway reaches Bournemouth

1874 The Winter Gardens are laid out. The Boscombe Chine Hotel is built.

1877 Red House is built

1881 The population of Bournemouth is 16,859

1882 The Theatre Royal is built

1884 The boundaries of Bournemouth are extended to include Westbourne

1885 The Mont Dore Hotel is built

1889 Boscombe Pier is built

1891 Bournemouth has a population of 37,000

1893 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is formed

1895 The first library in Bournemouth opens

Modern Bournemouth

1901 The population of Bournemouth is 59,000. Electric trams begin running in Bournemouth.

1922 Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum is founded

1929 The Pavilion is built

1936 Bournemouth suffers a typhoid epidemic

1963 Rothesay Museum opens

1984 Bournemouth International Centre opens

1992 Bournemouth University is founded

1997 Bournemouth is made a unitary authority

2003 Castlepoint Shopping Centre opens. So does a new library.

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