By Tim Lambert

Early Bradford

1086 Bradford is a large village with a population of about 300. It later grows into a small market town. Wool and leather are made in the town.

1461 Bradford is granted the right to hold 2 annual fairs, a sign of its growing importance.

1557-58 Bradford is struck by plague. Nevertheless the town grows larger and more important. Wool is the main industry.

1642 During the Civil War Royalists try to take Bradford but they are beaten off

1643 The Royalists capture Bradford and sack it

1644 Parliamentary troops recapture Bradford

1645 Plague strikes Bradford

1720 Bradford has a population of about 4,000

1771 The first bank opens in Bradford

1801 The population of Bradford is over 6,000

1803 A body of men is formed in Bradford with powers to pave, clean and light the streets

1823 The streets of Bradford are lit by gas

1846 The railway reaches Bradford

1847 A corporation is formed in Bradford

1848-49 420 people die in a cholera epidemic in Bradford

Modern Bradford

1851 Bradford has a population of 103,000

1853-71 Sir Titus Salt builds a model village at Saltaire

1863 Peel Park opens

1872 The first public library opens in Bradford

1882 Horse drawn trams run in Bradford

1889 Electricity is first generated in Bradford

1897 Bradford is made a city

1904 Cartwright Memorial Hall is built

1907 The first council houses are built in Bradford

1916 A fire in a munitions factory kills 39 people in Bradford

1919 The Church of St Peter is made Bradford Cathedral

1950s Many immigrants arrive in Bradford

1959 Cliffe Castle Museum opens

1966 Bradford University opens

1971 The Kirkgate Centre opens

1974 Bradford Industrial Museum opens. Bradford is made a Metropolitan District Council.

1977 A Transport Interchange opens

1983 The Museum of Photography, Film and Television opens

1990 Bradford Law Courts are built

1996 The Wool Exchange is refurbished and reopens as a shopping centre

1997 The Peace Museum opens

2012 City Park opens

2015 The Broadway Centre opens

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