By Tim Lambert

Early Bristol

c. 950 Bristol grows into a busy market town

1066 The population of Bristol is about 4,000 making it a large town by the standards of the time

1129 The Priory of St James is built

1142 An Augustinian Abbey is founded

1155 Bristol is granted a charter (a document giving the townspeople certain rights)

1239-1247 The River Frome is diverted

1373 The boundaries of Bristol are extended to include Radcliffe

1497 Cabot sails to Newfoundland

1522 The Merchant Adventurers are incorporated

1532 A grammar school is founded in Bristol

1555-57 Five Protestants are burned in Bristol

1575 The plague strikes Bristol

1590 Queen Elizabeth Hospital School is founded

1602-1604 The plague strikes Bristol again

1643 During the Civil War the Royalists capture Bristol

1644-45 Plague returns to Bristol

1656 Bristol Castle is destroyed

1669 Christmas Steps are built

1700 The population of Bristol is about 25,000

1702 Queen Square is built

1737 Bristol Royal Infirmary is built

1739 The first Methodist Chapel is built

1750 The first bank in Bristol opens

1766 The Theatre Royal is built

1768 A new bridge is built

Modern Bristol

1801 Bristol has a population of about 68,000

1806 The streets of Bristol are paved, cleaned and lit with oil lamps

1818 Bristol gains gas light

1841 The railway reaches Bristol

1844 The Great Britain is launched

1846 A waterworks is built

1864 The Clifton Suspension Bridge is built

1874 Horse drawn trams begin running through the streets of Bristol

1895 The first electric trams begin operation

1899 The mayor of Bristol becomes a Lord Mayor

1901 The population of Bristol is 330,000

1909 Bristol University is founded

World War II 1,299 people in Bristol are killed by bombing

1957 Arnolfini Art Gallery opens

1965 Harvey’s Wine Museum opens

1966 The Robinson Building is built

1969 Bristol Polytechnic is founded

1973 Clifton Roman Catholic Cathedral is built

1977 Royal Portbury Dock is built

1978 Bristol Industrial Museum opens

1982 Watershed Media Centre opens

1991 Galleries Shopping Centre opens

2000 The Bristol Centre opens

2002 The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum opens

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