By Tim Lambert

Early Myanmar

300 BC A great civilization exists in Burma

c 100 AD A people called the Pyu settle in northern Burma

9th Century AD A great civilisation exists in Burma

849 Pagan is founded

1044 Anawrahta becomes king of Pagan

1057 Anawrahta founds the first Burmese Empire

1287 The Mongols invade Burma

15th Century An Italian named Nicolo di Conti is the first European to reach Burma

17th Century The British, Dutch and French trade with Burma

1785 Bodawpaya becomes ruler of all Burma

Modern Myanmar

1824-1836 The Burmese fight the British

1886 Britain becomes the ruler of all of Burma

1932 A rebellion in Burma is crushed

1937 Burma is made a separate colony from India

1942 Japan invades Burma. The Japanese capture Mandalay in May.

1944 The British advance into Burma

1945 In March the British capture Mandalay

1948 Burma becomes independent

1962 General Win seizes power. He announces the 'Burmese way to Socialism'. However as in other countries Socialism proves to be a failure.

1988 Demonstrations are held in Burma but the army continues to hold power

1999 The ILO recommends sanctions against Burma because of the use of forced labor

2007 Demonstrations in Burma are brutally crushed

2008 Cyclone Nargis devastates Burma

2010 Aung San Suu Kyi is released

2012 She wins by-elections

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