By Tim Lambert

Early Cardiff

c. 55 The Romans build a fort on the site of Cardiff

c. 380 The Romans abandon the fort

c, End of 11th century The Normans conquer Glamorgan. Robert Fitz Hamon builds a new fort inside the walls of the old Roman fort.

c. 1150 A town grows up by the fort

1340 Cardiff is allowed 2 annual fairs

1404 Owain Glendower burns Cardiff

c. 1600 Cardiff is a busy little port trading with France and the Channel Islands

1607 Cardiff suffers a severe flood

1645 During the Civil War parliamentary soldiers capture Cardiff

1774 The streets of Cardiff are paved, cleaned and lit with oil lamps

1794 A canal is built

Modern Cardiff

1801 The population of Cardiff is still less than 1,900

1821 Cardiff is lit by gas

1835 A covered market is built

1841 The railway reaches Cardiff

1849 Cholera kills 383 people in Cardiff

1853 A new Town Hall is built in Cardiff

1855 East Dock is built

1856 Royal Arcade is built

1861 The first public library opens in Cardiff

1871 The population of Cardiff is almost 60,000

1883 An infirmary is built in Cardiff

1886 A coal and shipping exchange is built in Cardiff

1887 Roath Dock is built. Castle Arcade is built.

1894 Roath Park opens

1896 Pier Head Building is erected

1897 Victoria Park opens

1898 Cathays Park opens

1900 The population of Cardiff is over 160,000

1901 Splott Park opens

1902 Electric trams begin running in Cardiff. Duke St Arcades opens.

1905 Cardiff is made a city

1907 Queen Alexandra Dock opens

1927 The National Museum of Wales opens

World War II Bombs kill 355 people in Cardiff

1954 Central Bus Station opens

1955 Cardiff is made the capital of Wales

1973 Sherman Theatre opens

1981 St Davids Shopping Centre opens

1986 The National Ice Rink opens

1987 Queens West Shopping Centre opens

1990 Capitol Shopping Centre opens

1999 Millennium Stadium opens

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