By Tim Lambert

Early Carlisle

78 AD The Romans build a fort at Carlisle. Soon a civilian settlement grows up nearby.

399 Roman soldiers leave Hadrian's Wall. Soon afterwards Carlisle is abandoned.

685 St Cuthbert builds a monastery among the ruins of Carlisle

876 The Vikings sack Carlisle

10th Century The English recapture Carlisle

1092 William Rufus rebuilds Carlisle

12th century Stone walls are built around Carlisle

1122 A priory is built in Carlisle

1133 Carlisle is made the seat of a bishop

1135-1154 The Scots capture Carlisle

1158 Carlisle is given a charter

1223 The friars arrive in Carlisle

1292 Carlisle is badly damaged by a fire

1315 The Scots again besiege Carlisle but they are unable to capture it

1349 The Black Death devastates Carlisle

Renaissance Carlisle

1541 Henry VIII closes the priory and the two monasteries

1597 Plague strikes Carlisle

1600 The population of Carlisle is about 2,500

October 1644 The Roundheads lay siege to Carlisle

June 1645 The Roundheads capture Carlisle

1682 Carlisle Cross is erected

1689 Tullie House is built

1745 The Jacobites capture Carlisle

1750 Carlisle has a population of about 4,000

1758 A turnpike road is built to Newcastle

1778 St Cuthbert's Church is built

1787 The first bank in Carlisle opens

1798 Carlisle gains its first newspaper

19th Century Carlisle

1801 The population of Carlisle is 9,555

1804 The streets of Carlisle are lit by oil lamps

1813 Carlisle gains its first theater

1819 The streets of Carlisle are lit by gas

1832 Cholera strikes Carlisle

1838 A railway connects Carlisle to Newcastle

1841 Carlisle gains an infirmary

1848 Cholera strikes again. Carlisle gains a piped water supply.

1851 The population of Carlisle is over 25,000

1885 The first telephone exchange in Carlisle opens

1889 The covered market is built

1893 The Bitts opens

1899 Carlisle gains an electricity supply

20th Century Carlisle

1900 Electric trams begin running in Carlisle

1901 The population of Carlisle is 45,000.

1912 The first boundaries of Carlisle are extended to include Stanwix and Botcherby

1964 Carlisle Civic Offices are built

1973 Radio Cumbria begins broadcasting

1974 A ring road is built around Carlisle

1986 A new library opens

1989 Carlisle city center is pedestrianized

2005 Carlisle suffers severe floods

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