By Tim Lambert

1670 Charleston is founded

18th Century Cardiff

c. 1713 Powder Magazine is built

1718 The pirate Blackbeard blockades Charleston

1742 Drayton Hall is built

1755 Middleton Place House is built

1761 St. Michael's Episcopal Church is built

1770 The College of Charleston is founded

1771 The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon is built

1772 Heyward-Washington House is built

1773 Charleston Museum is founded

1780-82 The British occupy Charleston

1786 Charleston golf club is founded

1787 Charleston Unitarian Church is completed

19th Century Cardiff

1800 Charleston is a town of about 20,000

1803 Joseph Manigault House is built

1808 Nathaniel Russell House is built

1811 Second Presbyterian Church is dedicated

c. 1820 Aiken-Rhett House is built

1824 Medical University of South Carolina opens

1825 The Edmondston-Alston House is built

1837 Whitepoint Garden becomes a public park

1841 Charleston City Market is built

1843 The Military College of South Carolina opens

1845 The Huguenot Church is dedicated

1846 Grace Church Cathedral is dedicated

1850 The population of Charleston is nearly 50,000

1861 In April Confederate forces fire on Fort Sumter. In December a fire devastates the town.

1865 In February Charleston surrenders to union forces

1870 Magnolia Gardens opens to the public

1876 Calhoun Mansion is built

1886 Charleston is hit by an earthquake

20th Century Charleston

1900 Charleston has a population of over 55,000

1901 Charleston Naval Shipyard opens

1905 Gibbes Museum of Art is founded

1917 Charleston NAACP is founded

1937 Dock Street Theatre opens

1938 Old Slave becomes a museum. Charleston is hit by 3 tornadoes

1981 Citadel Mall opens

1996 Charleston Naval Shipyard closes

21st Century Charleston

2000 H. L. Hunley submarine is raised. South Carolina Aquarium opens.

2005 Arthur Ravenel Bridge opens

2017 The population of Charleston is 134,000

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