By Tim Lambert

Early Chelmsford

1st Century The Romans build a town called Caesaromagus

2nd Century The Roman town reaches a peak

407 AD The Roman army leaves Britain. Afterwards Roman towns are abandoned.

c. 1100 The Bishop of London builds a bridge across the River Can

1199 The Bishop obtains permission to hold weekly markets by the bridge. As a result a town grows up at Chelmsford.

1201 The king grants permission for an annual fair at Chelmsford. The main industry in the town is making wool.

1430 William Caleys is burned in Chelmsford for heresy

Renaissance Chelmsford

1551 A grammar school is founded in Chelmsford

1603 Plague strikes Chelmsford

1666 Plague breaks out in Chelmsford again

1700 Chelmsford has a population of about 3,000

1789 Improvement Commissioners are formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Chelmsford

1791 Shire Hall is built

1797 The Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation opens

19th Century Chelmsford

1801 Chelmsford has a population of nearly 3,800

1819 The streets of Chelmsford are lit by gas

1832 Chelmsford is truck by cholera

1835 A museum opens in Chelmsford

1843 The railway reaches Chelmsford

1883 The Chelmsford and Essex Hospital opens

1894 Central Park opens

20th Century Chelmsford

1901 Chelmsford has a population of nearly 22,000

1906 A library opens

1914 Chelmsford church is made a cathedral

1923 A war memorial is unveiled

1962 Civic Theatre opens

1971 The population of Chelmsford is 58,000. High Chelmer Shopping Centre opens.

1973 The Essex Regiment Museum opens

1982 Cramphorn Theatre opens

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