By Tim Lambert

1673 Two Frenchmen reach the area

1779 Jean Baptiste Point du Sable builds a house in the area

1803 Fort Dearborn is built

1825 The Erie Canal opens

1837 The population of Chicago is 4,000. Chicago is made a city.

1848 The Illinois and Michigan Canal opens

1850 The population of Chicago reaches 30,000

1860 Chicago is booming and has a population of 169,000

1865 Union Stock Yards open

1870 The population of Chicago reaches 300,000

1871 Chicago is devastated by a fire

1880 The population of Chicago reaches 503,000

1884 The Home Insurance Building is erected

1885 The Fine Arts Building is erected

1886 The Haymarket Massacre takes place

1893 The World's Columbian Exhibition was held in Chicago

1900 The population of Chicago rises to 1.7 million

1903 A fire in the Iroquois Theater kills many people

1920 The population of Chicago reaches 2.7 million

1927 Chicago Municipal Airport opens

1929 The St Valentines Day Massacre takes place in Chicago

1933 Chicago hosts the Century of Progress World Fair

1942 Enrico Fermi carries out the first controlled nuclear reaction at Chicago University

1950 The population of Chicago peaks at 3.6 million

1973 Willis Tower opens

1979 Jane Byrne becomes the first female mayor of Chicago

1990 Chicago ceases to be the second largest city in the USA

1995 Navy Pier opens

2004 Millennium Park opens

2007 Spertus Museum opens

2009 Trump International Hotel and Tower is completed

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