By Tim Lambert

Medieval Christchurch

c. 1020 The village of Tweoxneam is made a burgh of fortified settlement

11th century The name of the settlement is changed to Christchurch

1086 Christchurch has a population of about 170

1094 The Normans build a priory at Christchurch

1200 Christchurch is a little market town with a population of about 1,000

1307 Christchurch sends 2 MPs to parliament

Renaissance Christchurch

1539 Henry VIII closes the priory

1640 The first stagecoaches run to Christchurch

1644 During the Civil War Parliamentary troops capture Christchurch

1662 A free grammar school is founded in Christchurch

1750 Many people in Christchurch live by fishing or smuggling

1774 Christchurch gains a primitive 'fire engine'

1792 An artillery barracks is built in Christchurch

19th Century Christchurch

1801 Christchurch has a population of 1,410

1835 Highcliffe Castle is built

1853 A gas works is built in Christchurch

1855 Christchurch gains a newspaper

1871 Christchurch has a population of 3,064

1895 Christchurch gains a piped water supply

Modern Christchurch

1901 Christchurch has a population of 4,204

1902 Christchurch Council begins laying sewers

1903 Christchurch gains an electricity supply

1905-36 Trams run in Christchurch

1951 Christchurch has a population of 20,000

1952 Red House Museum opens

1958 A by-pass is built at Christchurch

1975 Christchurch is twinned with Christchurch New Zealand

1979 Plessey comes to Christchurch

1981 A Museum of Electricity opens in Christchurch

1983 A new shopping precinct opens in Saxon Square. Place Mill opens to the public. The Regent Centre opens.

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