By Tim Lambert

Early Cosmetics

3,300 BC People in Southern Europe tattoo themselves

2,000 BC In Iraq women use perfumes and pigments for their eyes and lips

1,200 BC Egyptians use black eyeliner and green pigment for their eyebrows. They also use rouge.

400 BC Greeks wash in a bowl on a pedestal called a louterion

100 Roman towns have public baths. People rub themselves with olive oil then scrape it off with a wooden tool.

1250 Women curl their hair with hot tongs and dye their hair. They use vegetable dyes to color their faces and nails.

1498 Toothbrushes are invented in China

1580 White lead is used to get a pale complexion. Women curl their hair with hot tongs and dye their hair. They use vegetable dyes to colour their faces and nails.

1680 People are now using toothbrushes in England

1767 The first modern shower is invented

1860 Women use lampblack as eyeshadow. They also use rouge.

1888 The first modern deodorant is invented

1892 The collapsible toothpaste tube is invented

Modern Cosmetics

1901 The first face lift is performed

1907 The first synthetic hair dye is invented

1913 Mascara is invented

1915 Lipstick is first sold in push up sticks. The first razor for women is introduced.

1916 False eyelashes are invented

1917 Modern nail varnish is invented

1923/font> Leo Gerstenzang invents cotton swabs (cotton buds)

1920s Women now shave their legs as dresses are shorter

1932 Modern lip gloss goes on sale

1936 Eugene Schueller invents sun screen

1948 Hairspray is invented

1974 The first liposuction is performed

1975 Disposable razors for women go on sale

1978 The suntan bed is introduced into the USA

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