By Tim Lambert

Early Darlington

Early 11th century Darlington is first mentioned in history. Its a small village called Deornoth ing tun.

12th century The Bishop of Durham turns Darlington into a small market town

1280 Darlington is a little town with a population of a several hundred. Wool and leather are made in the town.

1543 Darlington suffers an outbreak of plague

1569 Following the rebellion of the Northern Earls several men a executed in the small market town of Darlington.

1585 Darlington is badly damaged by a fire and 273 houses were destroyed

1597 Plague strikes Darlington again

1605 Plague breaks out in Darlington again. However every time plague strikes the little town recovers.

1760 There is a linen industry in Darlington and it is known for making towels and tablecloths.

1772 The first newspaper in Darlington is published

1774 The first bank opens in Darlington

19th Century Darlington

1809 A dispensary opens in Darlington where the poor get free medicines

1823 A body of men is formed with powers to clean and light the streets of Darlington

1825 The Stockton and Darlington Railway opens

1830 Darlington gains gas light

1846 A water company opens in Darlington

1864 A hospital opens in Darlington

1875 A statue of John Pease was erected

1877 South Park is laid out

1880 Horse drawn trams begin running in Darlington

1885 A public library opens

1887 Central Station is built

Modern Darlington

1900 Electricity is first generated in Darlington

1901 Darlington is growing very rapidly and it has a population of 50,000

1903 Electric trams begin running in Darlington

1911 The first cinema is built in Darlington

1915 The boundaries of Darlington are extended

1926 Trams cease running in Darlington

1932 The boundaries of Darlington are extended again

1969 The Queen Street Centre is built

1970 Darlington Town Hall is built. Darlington Sixth Form College opens.

1975 The Railway Museum opens in Darlington

1976 Northgate House is built

1982 Darlington Arts Centre opens

1983 The Dolphin Centre opens

1992 The Cornmill Shopping Centre opens

1997 Darlington becomes a unitary authority. The Brick Train Sculpture is erected.

1999 Eastbourne Sports Complex opens

2011 The population of Darlington is 97,000

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