By Tim Lambert

Ancient Denmark

c 10,000 BC The first human beings enter Denmark

c 4,000 BC Farming is introduced into Denmark

c 1,800 BC Bronze is introduced into Denmark

c 200 AD Runes are used in Denmark

Medieval Denmark

8th Century Trading settlements flourish in Denmark

10th Century Denmark becomes a single kingdom

c 960 King Harald Bluetooth becomes a Christian. Most of his people follow.

1000 AD Sweyn Forkbeard king of Denmark conquers Norway

1047 Norway becomes independent

1184 The Danes capture Pomerania and Mecklenburg

1219 The Danes conquer Estonia

1346 The Danish king sells Estonia

1349-1350 The Black Death devastates Denmark

1397 Denmark, Sweden and Norway are united

Renaissance Denmark

1523 Sweden becomes independent

1563-1570 Denmark and Sweden fight for control of the Baltic States

1611-1613 Denmark and Sweden fight again

1660 The king of Denmark greatly increases his power

1700 The population of Denmark is about 2/3 million

1784 Crown Prince Frederick becomes regent of Denmark and introduces reforms

Modern Denmark

1801 A British fleet partly destroys a Danish fleet at Copenhagen

1814 Universal primary education is introduced into Denmark

1864 Denmark fights Prussia and Austria

1870 Only 25% of the population of Denmark lives in towns and cities

1901 44% of the population of Denmark lives in towns and cities

1915 Women are allowed to vote

1932-33 Unemployment in Denmark reaches 32%

1940 The Germans occupy Denmark

1943 The Germans declare a state of emergency

1949 Denmark joins NATO

1973 Denmark joins the EU

1983 Unemployment in Denmark reaches 10%

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