By Tim Lambert

Early Emsworth

6th Century Saxons land in Southeast Hampshire and West Sussex

1239 Emsworth is given the right to hold a market although it is only a small settlement with a few hundred inhabitants

1350 Emsworth is a busy little port, wine is imported

1750 Emsworth is a large village with shipbuilding, boat building and rope making industries

1801 Timber is exported through Emsworth and coal is brought there by ship. Grain from the area is ground to flour by tidal mills at Emsworth the taken by ship to other parts of England. However Emsworth is still a small place with less than 1,200 inhabitants.

1805 A princess visits the seaside at Emsworth but the area fails to develop as a seaside resort.

1842 Queen Victoria visits Emsworth

1847 Emsworth is connected to Brighton and Portsmouth by railway

1850 Emsworth is known for oysters. There is also a large brewing industry in Emsworth.

1854 Emsworth gains a gas supply

Modern Emsworth

1901 Emsworth has a population of about 2,000


A view of Emsworth

1902 Sewage pollutes the oysters at Emsworth. As a result the oyster industry declines.

1909 Emsworth Recreation Ground opens

1988 Emsworth Museum opens

2001 The population of Emsworth is about 10,000.

2006 A skatepark opens in Emsworth

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