By Tim Lambert

Early Estonia

1208 The Germans invade Estonia

1227 The Germans control all of Estonia

1343-46 The Estonians rebel against German rule but they are crushed

1582 The Swedes conquer Estonia

1632 Tartu University is founded

1695-97 Estonia is struck by famine

1710 Tallinn is struck by plague

1721 The Swedes cede Estonia to the Russians

1816 Serfdom is abolished in Estonia

1917 A parliament meets in Estonia

1918 Estonia becomes independent. At the end of the year the Russians invade Estonia.

1920 After a war the Russians agree to recognize Estonian independence

1934 President Pats becomes virtual dictator of Estonia

1938 Pats introduces a new constitution and gives up some of his powers

Modern Estonia

1940 The Russians invade Estonia

1941 The Germans capture Estonia

1944 The Russians invade Estonia again

1947-1952 Farming in Estonia is collectivized

1949 Thousands of Estonians are deported

1991 Estonia becomes independent

1994 The last Russian soldiers leave Estonia

2004 Estonia joins the EU

2011 Estonia joins the Euro

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