By Tim Lambert

Early Exeter

50 The Romans build a fort on the site of Exeter

75 The Romans move on but a town is built on the site of the fort

c. 150 The Romans build stone walls around Exeter

407 The Roman army leaves Britain. Roman civilisation collapses and towns are abandoned.

680 The Saxons build a monastery inside the Roman walls of Exeter

876 The Danes shelter inside the walls of Exeter during winter

c. 885 Alfred the Great revives Roman towns. He creates a network of fortified settlements called burhs.

928 King Aethelstan repairs the walls of Exeter

1003 The reeve (an official who rules Exeter is a traitor. He allows the Danes in through a gate.

1050 The bishop moves his seat from Crediton to Exeter

1068 The Southwest rebels against the Normans. They lay siege to Exeter but fail to capture it. Exeter eventually submits and the Normans build a castle in the town.

1080 A priory is built in Exeter

1086 Exeter has a population of about 2,500

1136 During a civil war Exeter castle is besieged

1435 Almshouses are built in Exeter

1500 The population of Exeter is about 8,000

1538 Henry VIII closes the priory

1549 During a rebellion rebels lay siege to Exeter

1600 The population of Exeter is about 9,000

1643 During the Civil War the Royalists capture Exeter

1646 The Parliamentarians capture Exeter

1707 A newspaper is published in Exeter

1760 The streets of Exeter are lit by oil lamps

1769 A bank opens in Exeter. Assembly rooms also open.

1778 Devon and Exeter Hospital is built

1784 Eastgate is demolished as it impedes traffic

Modern Exeter

1801 Exeter has a population of about 20,000

1815 West Gate and Water Gate are demolished

1832 Cholera kills 440 people in Exeter

1868 St Michael's Church is built

1882 Horse drawn trams run in the streets of Exeter

1901The population of Exeter is about 50,000

1905 All horse drawn trams are replaced by electric ones

1914 The population of Exeter is about 60,000

1931 The last tram runs in Exeter as they are replaced by buses

1942 The Germans bomb Exeter

1955 Exeter University is founded

1967 Northcott Theatre is opened

1977 Guildhall Shopping Centre opens

1986 Harlequins Shopping Centre opens

2011 The population of Exeter is about 118,000

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