By Tim Lambert

1200 Waverley Abbey is built near the village of Farnham

1200 The village of Farnham grows into a little town

1249 Farnham is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights)

1500 Fox Tower is built

1566 Queen Elizabeth grants Farnham a new charter

1585 Farnham has a grammar school

1600 Wool manufacture in Farnham prospers

1619 Andrew Windsor builds almshouses in Farnham

1625 Farnham suffers an outbreak of plague

1642-46 During the Civil War Farnham Castle is in parliamentary hands but after the war it is damaged to prevent it ever falling into royalist hands

1754 Farnham gains its first fire engine

1763 William Cobbett is born in the Jolly Farmer Inn

1801 Farnham has a population of 4,321

1834 Farnham gains gas light

1848 The railway reaches Farnham

1895 Farnham Urban District Council is formed

1901 Farnham has a population of 14,000

1930 The council purchases Farnham Park

1961 Farnham Museum opens

1967 Birdworld opens

1969 Surrey Institute of Art and Design opens

1973 Farnham College opens

1976 New Ashgate Art Gallery opens

1981 Farnham Sports Centre is built

1984 Farnham Town Council is formed

1996 Victoria Garden opens

2001 The population of Farnham is 38,000

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