By Tim Lambert

Ancient Games

c 1200 BC The Egyptians enjoy swimming, boxing, wrestling and archery. The Egyptians also play a board game called senet.

776 BC The Olympic Games begin in Greece in honour of Zeus

246 BC The first gladiators fight

c 100 Gladiators are popular. So are chariot races. The Romans also play board games and gamble with dice.

c 1000 AD The Saxons enjoy storytelling and hunting with falcons. Wrestling is also popular.

Medieval and Renaissance Games

1200 AD The upper class enjoy hunting. They also like hawking. People play chess and draughts.

13th Century The first recorded bowling green is laid out Southampton.

15th Century The Scots develop golf. In England people play card games.

c 1530 The Tudors play casting the bar, which involves throwing an iron bar. Tennis and bowls are also popular with the well off. Ordinary people like football, bear and bull baiting and cock fighting.

1727 The Jockey Club is formed

c 1750 The first cricket club is founded in Hambledon in Hampshire

1780 The Derby begins

Modern Games

1835 Bull baiting is banned in Britain

1845 The first written rules for rugby are drawn up

1848 The first recorded game of conkers takes place

1867 The Queensberry rules for boxing are drawn up

1869 Polo is first played in Britain

1872 The first polo club in Britain is founded

1873 Lawn tennis is invented

1875 Snooker is invented

1880 The Amateur Athletics Association is formed

1885 The safety bicycle goes on sale

1887 Softball is invented by George Hancock. The first women's cricket club in Britain is formed.

1891 Basketball is invented by James Naismith. The first World Weightlifting Championships are held.

1888 Cheap cameras are introduced and photography becomes a popular hobby

1895 Volleyball is invented by William G Morgan. Netball is invented.

1896 The Olympic Games are revived

1913 The first crossword is published

1913 The first crossword is published

1922 Ralph Samuelson invents water skiing

1930 The first Football World Cup is held in Uruguay

1935 Monopoly is introduced

1949 Cluedo is introduced

1966 Twister is introduced

1973 The first World Hot Air Ballooning Championships are held

1982 Trivial Pursuit is introduced

1985 Pictionary is introduced

1987 The First World Women's Wrestling Championships are held

2001 The first AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships are held

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