By Tim Lambert

Early Gosport

c. 1204 A new port is founded at Gosport. Many of the townspeople are fishermen.

1545 Haselford Castle is built

1642 During the Civil War guns at Gosport fire at Portsmouth

1645 A royal army sacks Gosport

1677 King Charles II decides to fortify Gosport

1696 The Church of the Holy Trinity is consecrated

1717 Gosport has 3 weekly markets and 2 annual fairs

1753 Haslar Hospital opens

1759 A fort is built on land purchased from Jane Priddy

1763 A body of men are given powers to pave the streets of Gosport

1777 Gosport has a population of about 5,000

1796 Gosport gains its first theatre

1807 Forton Barracks is built

Modern Gosport

1821 Gosport has a population of 10,342

1834 Gosport gains gas street lighting

1841 The railway reaches Gosport

1848-1849 Cholera stalks Gosport

1851 Gosport has a population of over 16,000

1858 Gosport gains a piped water supply.

1870 Horse drawn trams run in Gosport

1887 Smallpox strikes Gosport

1891 Gosport Park is laid out. Gosport gains its first public library.

1894 The main gate and parts of the ramparts around Gosport are demolished

1900-1904 A network of sewers is dug under Gosport

1903-06 Gosport trams are converted to electricity

1910 Gosport gets its first cinema

1922 Gosport becomes a borough

1923 Gosport War Memorial Hospital opens

1929 The last trams run in Gosport

World War II In Gosport 111 people are killed by bombs

1966 A new Town Hall is built. A precinct is built off South Street.

1972 A new bus station opens

1975 Gosport Museum opens

1978 Fort Brockhurst opens to the public

1979 The South Relief Road is built

1987 Gosport Sixth Form College opens

1993 Haslar Marina opens


A view of modern Gosport

2005 Gosport library re-opens as Gosport Discovery Centre

2009 Haslar Hospital closes completely

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