By Tim Lambert

c 3,000 BC Bronze is introduced into Greece

c 2,500 BC A sophisticated society arises on Crete

c 1,900 BC Writing is invented in Crete

c 1,600 BC Civilization spreads to mainland Greece

c 1.450 BC Minoan culture declines

c 1,200 BC Mycenaean civilization goes into decline

c 800 A new civilization arises in Greece

490 BC The Persians invade Greece but are defeated

480 BC The Persians invade again but are defeated again

477 BC Athens forms the Delian League

431-404 BC Athens and Sparta fight the Peloponnesian War

371 BC Thebes wins the battle of Leuctra

338 BC Philip of Macedon defeats the Greeks in battle

336 BC Alexander the Great succeeds his father

333 BC Alexander defeats the Persians at the battle of Issus

323 BC Alexander dies

168 BC The Romans defeat Macedon

86 BC The Romans capture Athens

395 AD The Roman Empire permanently splits

610-641 AD Emperor Heraclius rules

1054 AD The Eastern Orthodox Church separates from the Catholic Church

1204 Crusaders capture Constantinople

1261 The emperor recaptures Constantinople

1453 The Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople

1683 The Turkish Empire starts to decline

1814 The Filiki Eteria is founded

1821 The Greeks rebel

1827 The Turkish fleet is destroyed at the battle of Navarino

1829 Greece becomes independent

1833 Prince Otto of Bavaria becomes king of Greece

1863 King George I succeeds him

1893 The Corinth Canal opens

1896 The Olympic Games are revived in Greece

Modern Greece

1912 The First Balkan War is fought

1913 The Second Balkan War is fought

1917 Greece joins the allies in the First World War

1922 The Greeks capture Smyrna in Turkey

1923 Greece signs the treaty of Lausanne with Turkey. Afterwards there is a huge exchange of population.

1936 Metaxas becomes dictator of Greece

1940 The Italians invade Greece but they are repulsed

1941 The Germans invade Greece

1944 The Germans withdraw from Greece

1944-49 A civil war is fought in Greece

1967 Generals stage a coup

1974 Democracy is restored in Greece

1981 Greece joins the EU

2001 Greece joins the euro

2012 Greece faces a severe economic crisis

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