By Tim Lambert

Early Guildford

10th Century The village of Guildford grows into a small market town

1086 Guildford has a population of about 900

1257 Guildford is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights). The main industry in the town is wool.

1295 Guildford sends 2 MPs to parliament

1340 Guildford has a population of about 1,300

1507 A grammar school opens in Guildford

1611 Guildford Castle is in ruins. The king sells it.

1619 Abbot's Hospital is founded

1645-46 Guildford suffers an outbreak of plague

1683 A new guildhall is built

1789 A theatre is built in Guildford

1801 Guildford has a population of about 2,600

1821 Guildford is lit by gas

1845 Guildford is linked to London by railway

1855 Guildford gains a newspaper

1866 A hospital opens in Guildford

1889 Stoke Recreation Ground opens

1891 Guildford gains an electricity supply

1895 The Dennis brothers start work in Guildford

1898 A museum opens in Guildford

Modern Guildford

1901 Guildford has a population of about 15,938

1927 Guildford is made a diocese separate from Winchester.

1933 A lido opens in Guildford

1961 Guildford Cathedral is consecrated

1965 The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre opened

1968 The University of Surrey takes its first students

1980 The Royal Surrey County Hospital opens. The Friary Shopping Centre opens.

2001 Guildford has a population of about 129,000

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