By Tim Lambert

Early Haiti

1492 Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Hispaniola

1644 The French found Port-de-Paix

1697 The French and the Spanish agree to divide the island of Hispaniola between them

1750 Haiti exports sugar and coffee but the plantations are worked by a huge number of slaves

1791 The slaves in Haiti rise in rebellion

1794 The French abolish slavery

1797 Toussaint is made commander of the French army in Hispaniola

19th Century Haiti

1804 Haiti becomes independent

1825 France recognizes Haiti but the French demand compensation for the land plantation owners lost. It is not fully paid until 1887.

1833 Britain recognizes Haiti

1842 President Boyar is overthrown

1862 The USA recognizes Haiti

Modern Haiti

1915 After a long period of political instability the USA sends marines to protect its business interests in Haiti

1934 The USA withdraws its marines from Haiti

1946 The president of Haiti is overthrown in a coup

1957 Francois Duvalier (Papa Doc) is elected president

1964 Duvalier makes himself president for life. He dies this year and his son Jean-Claude Duvalier (Baby Doc) becomes president.

1986 Duvalier goes into exile

1990 Elections are held in Haiti

2003 Voodoo is made an official religion in Haiti

2006Rene Preval becomes president

2010 Haiti is devastated by an earthquake

2017 Jovenel Moise becomes president of Haiti

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