By Tim Lambert

Early Hambledon

2,500 BC Stone age farmers live on the site of Hambledon

1st Century AD A Roman villa is built on the site of Hambledon

6th Century The Saxons found a village at Hambledon

956 Hambledon is first mentioned in a document

1086 Hambledon is a village with a population of about 100 and 1 watermill

1256 Hambledon is granted a weekly market. Hambledon is quite an important community and is a focal point for the surrounding villages.

1612 Hambledon is allowed 2 annual fairs, a sign of its growing importance

1725 Hambledon is badly damaged by a fire which destroys many buildings in the High Street

c 1750 Hambledon Cricket Club is formed

1777 The Hambledon team plays the England team

1788 Fire damages the Church Tower

Modern Hambledon

1849 A Church of England school is built in Hambledon

1853 William Cobbett described Hambledon as a long, straggling village

1864 Hambledon Methodist Church is built

1883 Hambledon has an epidemic of diphtheria


Hambledon Church

1884 Hartridges start making soft drinks in Hambledon. The streets of Hambledon are lit by oil lamps (later they are replaced by gas lights).

1908 A monument to the original Hambledon Cricket Team is erected on Halfpenny Down

1933 Diphtheria strikes Hambledon again

1955 The first wine is made in Hambledon

1969 The Church in Hambledon is refurbished

1982 Hambledon Village hall opens

1989 Hambledon Bakery closes

1991 Hambledon is twinned with Reville

2005 Hambledon Church roof is replaced

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