By Tim Lambert

c. 640 Hieu founds a monastery on the site of Hartlepool

1153 A settlement at Hartlepool has grown into a busy little port

1201 King John gives Hartlepool a charter

1315 The Scots attack Hartlepool but it soon recovers although it only has a population of several hundred

1569 During a rebellion the rebels enter Hartlepool but they flee when a royal army approaches

1644 A Scottish army enters Hartlepool

1647 The Scots are replaced by English troops

1741 Bread riots takes place in Hartlepool

1831 Hartlepool has a population of about 1,300

1832 Cholera kills 57 people in Hartlepool

1833 The first bank opens in Hartlepool

1835 New Docks are opened in Hartlepool

1836 Hartlepool gains gas light

1839 The railway reaches Hartlepool, which is growing rapidly

1849 Cholera kills 161 people in Hartlepool. A piped water supply is created in the town.

1851 Hartlepool has a population of 9,227

1854 Christ Church is built

1867 Hartlepool sends an MP to parliament

1883 Ward Jackson Park opens

1889 A promenade is built

1914 Three German ships bombard Hartlepool killing 112 people

1923 West Hartlepool War Memorial is built

1926 Hartlepool Borough Hall is built

1962 The last shipyard in Hartlepool closes

1967 Hartlepool and West Hartlepool are joined under one council

1969 Middleton Grange Shopping Centre opens

1987 HMS Trincomalee is brought to Hartlepool

1995 Hartlepool Museum opens

1996 Hartlepool Art Gallery opens

1999 A Business Development Centre opens

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