By Tim Lambert

Early Iceland

860 Gardar Svavarsson circumnavigates Iceland

874 Vikings settle in Iceland led by Ingolfur Arnarson

930 About 60,000 people live in Iceland. An assembly called the Althing is formed.

1056 Iceland gains its first bishop

1097 Icelanders have to pay one tenth of all their produce to the Church

1280 A new constitution is drawn up

1403-05 The Black Death strikes Iceland

1584 The Bible is translated into Icelandic

1707-09 Smallpox strikes Iceland

1783 Volcanic eruptions cause devastation in Iceland

1874 Iceland is given a new constitution

Modern Iceland

1904 Iceland is granted home rule

1911 Reykjavik University is founded

1915 Icelandic women are allowed to vote

1918 Iceland is made a sovereign state

1922 The first woman is elected to the Althing

1940 Iceland is occupied by British troops

1944 Iceland breaks all links with Denmark

1949 Iceland joins NATO

1975-75 Iceland fights a 'cod war' with Britain

2008 Iceland suffers an economic crisis

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