By Tim Lambert

Early Ilchester

c 60 AD The Romans found the town of Lendinis on the site of Ilchester

4th Century Stone walls are built around the Roman town

5th Century Roman civilization breaks down and Lendinis is abandoned

9th Century Alfred the Great creates a network of fortified settlements, many of them in old Roman towns. One is at Yle ceaster (Ilchester).

973 Ilchester has a mint and it is a busy though small market town

1086 At the time of the Domesday Book Ilchester or Gifelcestre is a flourishing market town with a population of several hundred

1087-88 Robert Mowbray leads a rebellion against William the Conqueror. He lays siege to Ilchester but fails to capture it.

Late 12th Century Ilchester is given a charter. Ilchester has markets and fairs.

1214 The philosopher Francis Bacon is born in or near Ilchester

13th Century Dominican friars arrive in Ilchester. From the end of the century Ilchester sends 2 MPs to parliament.

14th Century Ilchester enters a slow decline

1426 Almshouses are founded in Ilchester

1556 Ilchester is given a corporation. However by now Ilchester has declined severely. From being an important and busy town it has dwindled to being a quiet market town.

1685 the Duke of Monmouth leads a rebellion. It is crushed and 12 men are executed at Ilchester

1750 Ilchester has a population of only about 600. Even by 18th century standards it is a tiny place.

1765 A woman is burned to death at Ilchester for poisoning her husband

1795 A Tuscan column is erected in Ilchester

Modern Ilchester

1801 Ilchester has a population of 942

1812-1816 Ilchester Town Hall is rebuilt

Early 19th Century Ilchester becomes a stagecoaching town. However the coming of railways in the 1840s ended the stagecoaches.

1832 Ilchester loses its 2 MPs

1833 Ilchester market ends

1843 Ilchester jail closes

1889 Ilchester Corporation is dissolved

1901 The population of Ilchester has fallen to less than 600

2000 The population of Ilchester has recovered and is now about 2,000

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