By Tim Lambert

Early India

c. 2,600 BC A great civilization arises in the Indus Valley

c. 1,700 BC The Indus Valley civilization begins to decline. It gradually disappears.

1,500 BC The Aryans enter India

c. 1,000 BC Iron tools are used in India

600 BC A civilization arises in India based on cultivating rice

322 BC Chandragupta Maurya becomes king of Magadha and he creates an empire, the Mauryan Empire

269-232 BC Ashoka or Asoka is the greatest Mauryan ruler

185 BC The last Mauryan emperor is assassinated

160 BC King Menander conquers most of northern India. After his death his empire breaks up.

120 BC Nomads from Central Asia conquer Bactria. They then slowly conquer northern India.

78 AD to 114 AD The Kushan Empire reaches its height under King Kanishka

The early 4th Century The Gupta Empire is founded in India

335-375 Samudragupta conquers northern India and part of central India. Under the Gupta Empire India flourishes

606-647 King Harshavardhana creates a new empire. After his death his empire breaks up.

Late 10th Century The Chola Empire rises in India

1206 The Delhi Sultanate is founded

1346 Harihara founds the Vijayanagar Empire

1498 Timurlaine sacks Delhi. The Portuguese reach India by sea.

Modern India

1526 Babur ruler of Afghanistan wins the battle of Panipat. So begins the Mughal Empire.

1527 Babur wins the battle of Khanau

1556-1605 Reign of Akbar the greatest Mughal ruler

1653 The Taj Mahal is completed

1658-1707 Aurangzeb expands the empire

1673 The French establish a base at Pondicherry

1690 The English found a base in Bengal

1712 The Mughal Empire begins to break up

1757 Clive wins a great victory at Plassey. As a result India becomes a British colony rather than a French one.

1803 The British take Delhi

1819 The British East India Company rules all of India except the Northwest

1829 The custom of suttee is abolished

1849 The British take control of Punjab

1857 The Indian Mutiny begins

1858 The Indian Mutiny is crushed. Control is switched from the East India Company to the British government.

1885 The Indian National Congress is founded

1877 Queen Victoria is made Empress of India

1919 The Amritsar Massacre takes place

1920 Gandhi launches a campaign of non-co-operation with the British

1930 Gandhi leads a march to the sea to collect salt (as part of a campaign to end the government's monopoly of salt production)

1935 The British grant India a new constitution

1940 By now Muslims demand their own state

1946 As preparations are made for Indian independence violence breaks out between Hindus and Muslims

15 August 1947 India becomes independent

1948 Gandhi is murdered

1962 India fights a war with China

1966 Indira Gandhi becomes prime minister

1971 India fights a war with Pakistan

1975 Mrs Gandhi declares a state of emergency

1977 The emergency is lifted

1984 Indira Gandhi is assassinated

1991 Rajiv Gandhi is assassinated

1997-2007 The Indian economy grows at over 7% a year

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