By Tim Lambert

Early Keresley

7th Century Keresley Green and Coundon are founded by the Saxons

1086 Keresley is not mentioned in the Domesday Book but Coundon is mentioned. Both are tiny villages.

18th Century Keresley Heath grows up as an industrial village with weavers

1762 The road to Coventry is turnpiked

1801 Keresley has a population of 312

1829 Coundon House is built

1847 St Thomas Church is built

1852 A Church of England School is built in Keresley

1871 Keresley has a population of 471

1894 Keresley is given a parish council. William Hillman builds Keresley Hall.

Modern Keresley

1901 Keresley has a population of 536

1913 Keresley gains a gas supply

1917 Coventry Colliery opens. A new settlement grows up at Keresley End.

1919 A branch railway is built to the railway

1927 Keresley gains an electricity supply

1929 Keresley Hall is converted to a hospital

1939 St Georges Church is built in Coundon

1951 Jaguar open a factory in Coundon

1953 Coundon Court Girls School opens

1956 Coundon Court becomes a comprehensive school

1964 A new library opens in Bennetts Road

1966 President Kennedy School opens

1968 Keresley Hospital closes

1969 Cardinal Newman School opens

1996 Keresley Colliery closes

1998 A tapestry is made for the 150th anniversary of St Thomas Church

1999 Prologis Park is built. Keresley Community Centre opens.

2005 The Jaguar car factory in Browns Lane closes

2006 Keresley Green Medical Centre opens

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