By Tim Lambert

Early Leeds

1086 Leeds is a small village with a population of around 200

1207 Maurice De Gant, the Lord of the Manor makes Leeds a small market town

1300 Leeds has a population of around 1,000

1552 A grammar school is founded in Leeds

1600 Leeds has a population of around 3,000

1626 Leeds is given a corporation and mayor

1634 St John's Church is built

1642 During the Civil war royalists capture Leeds

1643 Parliamentarians capture Leeds in January but they withdraw in the Summer

1644 The parliamentarians capture Leeds again

1645 Leeds suffers an outbreak of plague

1665 Leeds is a flourishing town with a population approaching 6,000. The wool trade is booming.

1694 Leeds gains a piped water supply

1718 The first newspaper in Leeds is published

1750 Leeds is a rapidly growing town. Wool is still its main industry.

1755 The streets of Leeds are lit with oil lamps

1777 Assembly Rooms are built

1790 Scavengers clean the streets

1794 Work begins on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal

Modern Leeds

1801 The population of Leeds is over 30,000

1819 The streets are lit by gas

1822 Tetleys Brewery is founded

1832 Cholera kills more than 700 people

1834 Leeds is connected to Selby by rail

1849 Cholera kills more than 2,000 people

1851 The population of Leeds is 101,000

1858 Leeds Town Hall is built

1872 Horse drawn trams run in the streets of Leeds. The first public library opens.

1878 Grand Theatre is built. Thorntons Arcade is built.

1889 Queens Arcade opens

1891 Leeds gains an electricity supply

1894 The first electric trams run in Leeds

1899 It is made compulsory for dwellings in Leeds to be connected to sewers

1901 The population of Leeds is 178,000

1904 Leeds University is founded

1905 The first cinema in Leeds is built

1925 St James Hospital is founded

1933 Leeds Civic Hall is built

World War II Bombing kills 77 people in Leeds

1964 Merrion Shopping Centre is built

1970 Leeds Polytechnic is founded

1974 The boundaries of Leeds are extended

1983 St Johns Shopping Centre is built

1993 Quarry House opens

1995 The Royal Armouries Museum opens

1997 The Thackray Medical Museum opens

1999 The Monet Garden opens

2000 Millennium Square opens

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