By Tim Lambert

Early Leicester

43 The Romans invade Britain

47 The Romans capture what is now Leicestershire

48 The Romans build a fort and a town grows up nearby

80 The Roman army moves on but the town flourishes

100 The town of Ratae (Leicester) is rebuilt

c 250 Suburbs grow outside the walls of Ratae (Leicester)

407 The Roman army leaves Britain. Roman civilization breaks down and Roman towns are abandoned.

c. 800 Town life revives in England. The old Roman town at Leicester is revived by the Anglo-Saxons.

877 The Danes capture Leicester

918 The English recapture Leicester

1086 Leicester has a population of about 1,500

1143 Leicester Abbey is built

1173 An earl rules Leicester. He rebels against the king but the king's men capture Leicester and burn part of it.

1231 The Earl, Simon de Montfort expels all Jews from Leicester

1464 Leicester is given a corporation and a mayor

1500 The population of Leicester is about 3,000

1545 A grammar school is built in Leicester

1564 The plague strikes Leicester

1583 The plague returns to Leicester

1604 and 1606 The plague is back in Leicester

1610 The plague returns to Leicester

1612 A conduit is built to bring water into Leicester

1625 The plague strikes Leicester again

1636 and 1638 The plague strikes but fortunately the 1638 epidemic is the last one

1645 During the Civil War the Royalists briefly capture Leicester

1670 The population of Leicester is about 5,000

1681 Leicester gains a fire engine

1686 A scavenger is appointed to clean the main streets of Leicester

1730 The population of Leicester is about 8,000

1737 New Road is built

1759 Pumps are installed by public wells

1771 The Royal infirmary is built

1774 The town walls are demolished

1794 The Soar Canal is finished

Modern Leicester

1801 Leicester has a population of about 17,000

1821 Leicester gains gas light

1836 Leicester gains a police force

1849 Cholera strikes Leicester

1853 Leicester gains a piped water supply

1855 Leicester gains a sewage works

1871 The first public library in Leicester opens

1881 A telephone exchange opens in Leicester

1882 Victoria Park and Abbey Park open

1894 Electric street lights are switched on in Leicester for the first time

1910 The first cinema is built in Leicester

1914 The first council houses in Leicester are built

1919 Leicester is made a city

1927 Leicester gains a cathedral and a bishop

1935 Leicester General Hospital opens

1940 Bombs kill 40 in Leicester

1957 The University of Leicester is established

1969 Leicester Polytechnic is formed

1971 The Haymarket Centre opens

1977 Gas Museum opens in Leicester

1984 St Martins Shopping Centre opens

1988 The Phoenix Arts Centre opens.

1992 Shire Shopping Centre opens. Leicester Polytechnic becomes Simon De Montfort University.

1997 Leicester is made a unitary authority

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