By Tim Lambert

1820 Sir George Staunton buys Leigh Park estate

1941-1946 A naval camp exists at Leigh Park

1944 Portsmouth City Council buys Leigh Park Estate. They plan to build a satellite town there when World War II ends.

1947 The mayor of Portsmouth digs the first sod at Leigh Park

1949 The first houses at Leigh Park are read and families move in. The first houses are around Bramdean Drive.

1951 About 3,500 people live in the new estate at Leigh Park.

1952 The first permanent shops open in Leigh Park in Stone Square

1954 An industrial estate is built at West Leigh. Riders Junior School opens.

1955 Barncroft Junior School is built

November 1955 The first shop in Park Parade, a grocers opens

1956 More shops open in Park Parade and Middle Park Way is completed

1957 The first Baptist Church in Leigh Park opens. Oak Park Secondary School opens. The first library in Leigh Park opens.

1958 Front Lawn Junior School opens. Broomfield Secondary School opens.

1959 Leigh Park House is demolished

1961 The population of Leigh Park is almost 30,000

1962 Sharps Copse School opens

1963 A new Community Centre is built. A bowling alley is built. So is an ambulance station. St Francis Church is built.

1960s More houses are built at West Leigh

1966 A new shopping precinct is built at Greywell. St Albans Church is built.

1966-1970 Warren Park is built. The population of Leigh Park reaches 40,000.

1970 St Michael and All Angels Catholic Church is built

1987 Sir George Staunton Country Park opens

1997 Leigh Park Library moves to a new building

2001 St Michael and All Angels Church burns down

2011 The population of Leigh Park falls to 28,000

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