By Tim Lambert

Early Lewes

6th Century The Saxons found Lewes

Early 10th Century Lewes is made a fortified settlement. It is also a busy little market town with 2 mints.

1086 Lewes is a little town with a population of 2,000 or less

1148 King Stephen grants Lewes a charter giving the people certain rights. Lewes flourishes as a little river port and market town.

1264 The Battle of Lewes is fought

1512 A grammar school is founded in Lewes

1538 Plague strikes Lewes

1540 Henry VIII gives Anne of Cleves House to his wife

1553-58 17 Protestants are martyred in Lewes

1768-1774 Tom Paine lives in Lewes

Modern Lewes

1806 A body of men are formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Lewes

1822 Lewes gains gas light

1836 A snow avalanche kills 8 people in Lewes

1846 The railway reaches Lewes

1881 Lewes is made a borough

1893 A new Town Hall is built

1901 Lewes gains an electricity supply. Lewes has a population of 11,000.

1910 Victoria Hospital is built

1920 Wynne Baxter gives the Pells to the town of Lewes

1986 A new magistrates court is built

2000 The Thebes Gallery opens in Lewes

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