By Tim Lambert

Early Lincoln

48 AD The Romans conquer Lincolnshire and build a fort, which later becomes the site of a town

c 150 AD The town of Lindum has a population of between 6,000 and 8,000

c. 360 Lindum begins to decline

407 The Roman army leaves Britain afterwards towns are slowly abandoned

Medieval Lincoln

The late 9th century The Danes conquer Lincolnshire and create a town inside the old Roman walls.

10th Century The English recapture Lincoln. The town flourishes and it has a mint.

1068 The Normans build a castle at Lincoln

1072 The bishop moves his seat to Lincoln

1086 Lincoln has a population of around 6,000

1086 Lincoln has a population of around 6,000

1092 The first Lincoln Cathedral is built

1123 A fire devastates Lincoln

1157 Lincoln is given a charter

1185 An earthquake hits Lincoln and severely damages the cathedral

1216 Lincoln is sacked during a civil war

1231 Grey friars arrive in Lincoln

1238 Black friars arrive in Lincoln

1255 Jews in Lincoln are massacred

1349 The Black Death devastates Lincoln. The town declines in population and prosperity.

REnaissance Lincoln

1500 The population of Lincoln is about 2,500

1538 Henry VIII closes the friaries

1642-1644 During the Civil War Lincoln changes hands several times

1695 Lincoln is granted an additional annual fair. The town begins to revive.

1700 The population of Lincoln has grown to about 4,000

1732 A theater is built

1744 Assembly Rooms are built in Lincoln

1769 A general hospital is built in Lincoln

1784 Lincoln gains its first newspaper

19th Century Lincoln

1801 Lincoln has a population of over 7,000

1820 The Lawn Asylum is built

1828 A body of men is formed with powers to pave and light the streets of Lincoln.

1846 The railway reaches Lincoln

1848 A corn exchange is built

1876 The council begins building sewers

1884 Lincoln City football club is founded

1885 A College of Art is built

1894 The first public library opens in Lincoln

1898 The first electricity generating station is built in Lincoln

20th Century Lincoln

1905 A typhoid epidemic kills 130 people in Lincoln. Electric trams begin running in the streets.

1927 Usher Gallery is built

1929 The last trams run in Lincoln

World War II Eleven people in Lincoln are killed by German bombing

1958 Pelham Bridge is built

1973 City Hall is built

1991 Waterside Shopping Centre opens

1993 Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum opens

1996 Lincoln University opens

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