By Tim Lambert

Early Los Angeles

1781 A settlement is founded at Los Angeles

1822 The Plaza Catholic Church is built

1848 Gold is discovered in California

1850 Los Angeles is incorporated

1851 Los Angeles gains its first newspaper

1861-62 Los Angeles suffers floods

1870 Los Angeles is a thriving town with a population of 5,614

1874 The first streetcars run in Los Angeles

1876 Los Angeles is connected to San Francisco by railroad

1880 The University of South California opens.

1892 Oil is discovered in Los Angeles

1893 The Bradbury Building is built

Modern Los Angeles

1900 Los Angeles has a population of over 100,000

1904 Venice is built

1913 Los Angeles aqueduct is built. Hollywood is founded.

1923 The Biltmore Hotel is built

1927 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is built

1928 Los Angeles City Hall is built

1939 Los Angeles has a population of over 1.5 million

1943 Zoot Suit riots take place in Los Angeles

1954 Watts Towers is built

1961 Theme Building is built

1965 Riots take place in Los Angeles

1989 US Banks building is built

1990 The first Los Angeles light rail line opens

1992 More riots take place in Los Angeles

1993 The Museum of Tolerance opens

1994 Los Angeles is struck by an earthquake

2003 Disney Concert Hall is built

2010 Los Angeles has a population of 3.8 million

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