By Tim Lambert

Early Manchester

80 The Romans build a wooden fort on the site of Manchester

200 The wooden fort is replaced by a stone one. A little town has grown up by the fort.

407 The Roman army leaves Britain and Roman forts and towns are abandoned

1227 Manchester is granted an annual fair. The village becomes a small market town.

1301 Manchester is granted a charter (a document giving the townspeople certain rights).

1400 Manchester probably has a population of around 2,500

1515 A Grammar School is founded in Manchester

1600 The population of Manchester is about 4,000

1603 The plague strikes Manchester. Up to 1/4 of the population die.

1637 Silk is woven in Manchester for the first time

1642 Civil War begins between king and parliament. The Royalists try to capture Manchester but fail.

1719 The first newspaper in Manchester is published

1720 The population of Manchester is about 10,000

1729 A Cotton Exchange is built

1752 An infirmary opens

1753 The first theatre opens in Manchester

1761 The Bridgewater Canal is built

1792 For the first time the streets of Manchester are cleaned and lit with oil lamps

Modern Manchester

1801 The population of Manchester is 75,000

1816 Manchester gains a piped water supply

1821 The Manchester Guardian is founded

1828 Horse drawn buses begin operation

1830 A railway opens to Liverpool

1831 The population of Manchester reaches 142,000

1832 Cholera strikes Manchester and kills 674 people

1835 A Natural History Museum opens

1837 A Corn Exchange opens

1838 Manchester is made a borough

1846 The first public parks in Manchester open

1847 The Church of St Mary is made a Cathedral

1852 The first public library in Manchester opens

1853 Manchester is made a city

1894 The Manchester Ship Canal opens

1903 Manchester University is founded

1934 The Central Library is built

1969 The Museum of Science and Industry opens

1979 The Museum of Transport opens

1984 The Jewish Museum opens

1987 The Chinese Arts Centre opens

1996 Manchester city centre is bombed

1998 Trafford Shopping Centre opens

2000 Lowry Art Gallery opens

2008 Manchester Civil Justice Centre is officially opened by the Queen

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