By Tim Lambert

The Early Meon Valley

6th Century AD A group of Jutes called the Meon Warra settle in the Meon Valley

1086The Domesday Book records small villages in the Meon Valley. Wickham has 2 watermills. East Meon has 6 watermills.

c 1210 St John's House is built in Warnford

1232 Titchfield Abbey is founded

1269 The people of Wickham are allowed to have weekly markets

1447 Titchfield is allowed annual fairs

1537 Titchfield Abbey is dissolved

c 1540 Wickham is described as a pretty 'townlet'

1552 The king calls Titchfield a handsome town

1611 The Earl of Southampton builds a sea wall over the mouth of the Meon.

1644 During the Civil War skirmishes take place at West Meon

1719 Many houses in Meonstoke are burned in a fire

1790 There is a smallpox epidemic in Meonstoke

1792 Wickham Bridge is built

1801 Titchfield has a population of almost 3,000. Wickham has a population of 901. Soberton has a population of 672. West Meon has a population of 536. Warnford has a population of 272. Corhampton has a population of 120.

The Modern Meon Valley

1820 Chesapeake Mill is built in Wickham

1837 A workhouse is built at Droxford

1842 A Church of England School is built in Meonstoke

1843 West Meon Church is rebuilt in flint

1851 A Church of England School is built at Soberton

1858 A police station is built at Droxford

1865 Titchfield gains gas light

1881 Soberton Church Tower is restored

1894 Wickham and Titchfield are given parish councils. So is Meonstoke.

1903 A railway opens from Fareham to Droxford

1924 Leydene House is built in East Meon

1931 Wickham gains a gas supply

1955 Meonstoke gains a piped water supply

1955 The railway to Droxford closes to passengers

1969 Wickham Primary School opens

1975 East Meon Village Hall is opened

1979 West Meon is flooded

1984 Wickham Vineyard opens

2000 Soberton Millennium Walk is laid out

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