By Tim Lambert

14th Century The ancestors of the Aztecs settle on a marshy island in Mexico

15th Century The Aztecs come to rule a large empire

The Conquistadors

1519-21 The Spanish conquer the Aztecs and the rest of Mexico

1571 The Spanish Inquisition comes to Mexico

1767 The Jesuits are expelled from Mexico

1810 Mexicans rebel against Spanish rule

Independent Mexico

1829 Spain sends an army to reconquer Mexico but they are defeated

1833 Santa Anna becomes president of Mexico

1836 Texas becomes independent from Mexico

1840 The Yucatan rises in rebellion but is defeated

1846 War begins between the USA and Mexico

1847 A US army occupies Mexico City

1848 Mexico is forced to surrender half her territory to the USA

1857 A new constitution is introduced in Mexico

1858 Civil War begins in Mexico

Modern Mexico

1910 The population of Mexico reaches 15 million. Rebellion begins led by Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.

1917 The Americans occupy Veracruz

1927 Mexican peasants rise in rebellion

1929 The Revolutionary Party is formed

1938 The oil industry in Mexico is nationalized

1942 Mexico declares war on Germany and Japan

1951 Mexico is developing rapidly and the percentage of people living in towns rises to 57%

1982 Mexico is gripped by a severe economic crisis

1990 Literacy is increasing in Mexico and 87% of the population are literate

1994 Mexico joins the North American Trade Agreement

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