By Tim Lambert

Early Newbury

Late 11th Century The town of Newbury is founded. The little town has about 1,500 inhabitants.

1393 Donnington Hospital is founded

1518 Christopher Shoemaker is burned in Newbury for heresy

1556 3 more Protestants are martyred in Newbury

1596 Queen Elizabeth grants Newbury a charter

1604 Newbury suffers an outbreak of plague

1611 A guildhall is built in Newbury

1640 The first Baptist Church is founded in Newbury

1643 The first battle of Newbury is fought

1644 The second battle of Newbury is fought

1665 Plague strikes again

1723 The river Kennet is made navigable as far as Reading

1793 Kimbers Almshouses are built

19th Century Newbury

1801 The population of Newbury is 4,725

1825 The streets of Newbury are lit by gas

1847 The railway reaches Newbury

1867 Newbury gains its first newspaper

1872 The stocks are last used in Newbury

1885 Newbury Hospital is built

1889 The Clock Tower is built

Modern Newbury

1904 A museum opens in Newbury

1906 The first public library opens in Newbury

1910 The first cinema in Newbury opens

1944 15 people are killed by a bombing raid

1948 Newbury is given a coat of arms

1959 A relief road is built

1965 A new police station is built

1967 The Watermill Theatre opens

1980 A Leisure Centre opens

1984 The Community Theatre opens

1998 Newbury bypass is built

2004 A new Community Hospital opens in Newbury

2011 The Parkway Centre opens

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