By Tim Lambert

Colonial New York

1624 The Dutch build the first permanent trading post at New York

1626 Peter Minuit buys the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans

1628 The first black slaves arrive in New York

1639 A Swede called Jonas Bronck settles in the Bronx, which is named after him

1645 A settlement is founded at Flushing

1653 A wall of wooden stakes is built. The street next to it is called Wall Street.

1654 The first Jews arrive in New York

1657 Thatched roofs are banned because of the risk of fire

1658 Dutch farmers build a village called Nieuw Haarlem

1661 The first settlement is made on Staten Island

1664 New Amsterdam surrenders to the British

1698 Trinity Church is dedicated

1700 New York has a population of about 5,000. Federal Hall is built.

1720 The first shipyard opens in New York

1725 New York gains its first newspaper

1730 The first synagogue in New York is built

1732 New York gains its first theater

1741 A series of fires break out. Some people fear a conspiracy among the slaves and 31 of them are executed.

1766 St Paul's Chapel is built

The Growth of New York

1776 New York has a population of about 25,000

1783 George Washington enters New York

1784 The Bank of New York is founded

1799 St Marks Church-in-the-Bowery is built

1800 New York has a population of about 60,000

1811 A commission draws up plans for building new streets in New York

1812 New York City Hall opens

1823 New York has a population of about 23,000

1832 Horse drawn streetcars run in New York for the first time

1835 New York suffers a severe fire

1837 Harlem is connected to New York by railway

1845 New York Police Force is formed

1847 Madison Square opens

1849 The Astor Place Riot takes place

1851 The New York Times begins publication

1858 Macy's opens

1863 Draft riots take place

1866 Cholera kills 2,000 people

1867 Prospect Park is laid out

1869 The Museum of Natural History is founded

1872 Bloomingdales is founded

1878 The first telephones are installed in New York

1883 Brooklyn Bridge opens

1884 Bryant Park is laid out

1886 The Statue of Liberty is dedicated

1891 Carnegie Hall opens

1899 Bronx Zoo opens

20th Century New York

1902 The Flatiron Building is erected

1904 The first line of the New York Subway opens

1909 Queensboro Bridge is built

1911 A fire at the Triangle Factory kills 146 people

1913 The Woolworth Building is erected. Grand Central Station opens.

1927 Holland Tunnel opens

1929 The Museum of Modern Art is founded in New York

1930 The Chrysler Building is erected. The Whitney Museum of American Art is founded.

1931 The Empire State Building is erected

1968 The General Motors Building is erected

1988 The Museum of the Moving Image opens

1990 David Dinkins becomes the first African American Mayor of New York

21st Century New York

2001 The World Trade Center is destroyed in a terrorist attack

2009 The Bank of America Tower is built

2013 The population of New York is 8.3 million

2014 One World Trade Center opens

2014 World Trade Center Transportation Hub opens

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