By Tim Lambert

10th Century The Maori arrive in New Zealand

1642 Abel Tasman arrives at New Zealand

1769 Captain Cook arrives in New Zealand

1773 Captain Cook sails to New Zealand again

1777 Captain Cook arrives in New Zealand again

1792 Sealers arrive in New Zealand

1814 Missionary Samuel Marsden arrives in New Zealand

1817 The laws of New South Wales are extended to New Zealand

1833 James Busby is sent to New Zealand as 'official British resident'

1840 The Maori accept annexation by the Treaty of Waitangi. Auckland is made the capital of New Zealand

1844 Chief Hone heke cuts down the British flag and begins a 2 year war

1848 Dunedin is founded

1850 Christchurch is founded

1852 New Zealand is divided into 6 provinces

1838 New Zealand is given self-government

1860-72 A long war is fought with the Maori

1861 The population of New Zealand is almost 100,000

1865 Wellington is made the capital of New Zealand

1877 All men in New Zealand are given the vote. State education is introduced in New Zealand.

1881 The population of New Zealand is nearly 500,000

1882 A refrigerated ship takes meat from New Zealand to Britain

1893 Women in New Zealand are allowed to vote in parliamentary elections

1895 Minnie Dean is the only woman to be hanged in New Zealand

1898 Old age pensions are created in New Zealand

1907 New Zealand is made a dominion

1914-1918 17,000 men from New Zealand are killed in the First World War

1933 Unemployment in New Zealand is 12%

1947 New Zealand becomes completely independent from Britain

1951 New Zealand joins the Anzus Defence Pact

1975 The Treaty of Waitangi Act is passed

1983 The Closer Economic Relations Pact is signed with Australia

1984 A Labour government is elected and begin to roll back the welfare state

1993 Proportional representation is introduced in New Zealand

1997 Jenny Shipley becomes the first woman Prime Minister of New Zealand

2011 Christchurch is devastated by an earthquake

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