By Tim Lambert

Early Norwich

10th Century Norwich is a small town and inland port with its own mint

1004 The Danes sack and burn Norwich

1086 Norwich has a population of about 6,000

1094 The bishop moves his seat from Thetford to Norwich

1194 Norwich is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights)

1294 Great Hospital is founded

1266 During a civil war Norwich is sacked by rebel barons

1268 Norwich Cathedral is consecrated

1272 Riots in Norwich

1278 Cow Tower is built

1300 Norwich has a population of about 10,000. The main industry is making wool but there is also an important leather industry.

1370 The Bridewell is built

1381 During the Peasants Revolt rebels capture Norwich

1404 Norwich is given a new charter

1407 A Guildhall is built

1420 Erpingham Gate is built

1463 A spire is added to Norwich Cathedral

1505 Norwich suffers a severe fire

1549 During Kett's Rebellion the rebels seize Norwich

1565 onwards Weavers come to Norwich from Holland and Belgium

1579 An outbreak of plague kills about 1/3 of the population of Norwich

1625 Plague strikes Norwich

1648 Riots break out in Norwich

1665 Plague strikes Norwich again

1700 The population of Norwich is about 25,000

1714 Bethel Hospital is built

1721 The first newspaper in Norwich is published

1754 An Assembly House is built

1756 The first bank is founded in Norwich

Modern Norwich

1801 Norwich has a population of 36,000

1806 A body of men called the Improvement Commissioners is formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Norwich

1819 Smallpox kills 530 people in Norwich

1844 The railway reaches Norwich

1857 The first public library opens

1877 Slum clearance begins in Norwich

1884 The Roman Catholic Cathedral is built in Norwich

1886 Mousehold Heath opens as a park

1894 Castle Museum opens

1899 Royal Arcade is built

1900 Electric trams run in Norwich

1912 The first cinema opens

1922 James Stuart Garden opens

1927 Woodrow Piling Park opens

1935 Electric trams cease running in Norwich

1938 City Hall is built

1962 A new Central Library is built in Norwich

1963 Norwich University is founded

1977 The Arts Centre opens

1980 Anglia Square Shopping Centre opens

1993 Castle Mall opens

1994 Central Library burns down

1999 Riverside Leisure Complex opens

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