By Tim Lambert

Early Nottingham

6th Century The Saxons found a village at Nottingham

Late 9th Century The Danes capture the North and East of England. They make Nottingham into a fortified settlement.

920 The English recapture Nottingham. It grows into a busy market town with its own mint.

1067 The Normans build a fort at Nottingham

1155 Nottingham is granted a charter (a document giving the townspeople certain rights).

1284 The first mention of a mayor of Nottingham

1348-49 At the time of the Black Death Nottingham has a population of about 3,000 but half the people die in the epidemic

1513 A Grammar School is founded in Nottingham

1588 Wollaton Hall is built

1642 Civil War begins between king and parliament. The king raises his standard near Nottingham.

1643 The Royalists attack Nottingham but fail to capture it

1644 The Royalists try but fail to capture Nottingham

1651 Nottingham Castle is destroyed to prevent it ever falling into Royalist hands

1660 The population of Nottingham is about 3,500-4,000

1667 Nottingham suffers an outbreak of plague

1700 Nottingham has a population of about 5,000. The hosiery industry is booming.

1760 The first theatre in Nottingham is built

1750 Nottingham has a population of about 10,000

Modern Nottingham

1801 The population of Nottingham is 28,000

1819 The streets of Nottingham are lit by gas

1831 Riots in Nottingham

1833 Cholera kills 330 people in Nottingham

1835 The first modern police force is formed in Nottingham

1839 The railway reaches Nottingham

1868 The first public library opens in Nottingham

1877 Players Cigarettes is founded in Nottingham

1887 Bicycles are made in Raleigh Street

1901 Electric trams begin running in the streets of Nottingham

1928 Nottingham has a Lord Mayor

1929 A new Council House is built

1948 Nottingham University is founded

1936 The trams in Nottingham stop

1952 A statue of Robin Hood is erected

1958 A new Clifton Bridge is built

1963 Playhouse Theatre opens

1970 Queens Medical Centre opens

1972 Victoria Bus Station opens. Broad Marsh Shopping Centre is built.

1975 Victoria Shopping Centre is built

1979 Stonebridge City Farm opens

1998 Trafford Shopping Centre opens

2004 A network of trams opens in Nottingham

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