By Tim Lambert

Medieval Oxford

Late 9th Century Alfred the Great creates a fortified settlement at Oxford

911 Oxford is first mentioned in writing. It is a small but flourishing market town.

1009 The Danes burn Oxford

1018 A conference is held at Oxford following a dispute over who is king of England

1072 The Normans build a fort at Oxford

1086 Oxford has a population of about 5,000

1142 During a civil war Oxford is burned

1167 Oxford University is founded

1228, 1236, 1238, 1248, 1272 and 1298 Riots take place at Oxford

1258 Rebel barons meet at Oxford and force the king to accept reforms called the Provisions of Oxford

1355 Three days of fighting between townspeople and students at Oxford

Renaissance Oxford

1542 Despite the decline Oxford is made a city and given a bishop

1550 Oxford has declined since the Middle Ages and only has a population of about 3,500. The townspeople rely on the students to buy their goods.

1603 Oxford suffers an outbreak of plague

1625-26 Plague strikes Oxford again

1642 During the civil war royalists occupy Oxford

1651 The first coffee house in England opens in Oxford

1659 A free grammar school opens in Oxford

1770 Radcliffe Infirmary is built. Oxford remains a quiet market town.

1771 A body of men are formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Oxford (with oil lamps)

1774 A covered market is built for vegetables, meat and fish

1776 New Road is built

19th Century Oxford

1801 Oxford has a population of nearly 12,000

1819 Oxford is lit by gas

1826 Warneford Hospital is built

1832 Cholera strikes Oxford

1844 A railway is built from Oxford to London

1847 Littlemore Hospital is built

1849 Cholera strikes Oxford again

1854 Another outbreak of cholera in Oxford

1860 The Natural History Museum opens

1889 Oxford is made a county borough

1892 The first electricity generating station in Oxford opens

20th Century Oxford

1910 The first cinema in Oxford opens

1913 Morris begins making cars in Oxford

1924 The Museum of the History of Science opens

1926 Christchurch Memorial Gardens are laid out

1934 Hinksey Park opens

1936 Oxford Police Station is built

1938 Oxford airport opens

1940 Churchill Hospital is built

1952 Cutteslowe Park is laid out

1965 Cowley Shopping Centre is completed

1966 The Gallery of Modern Art opens

1970 Queen Street is pedestrianized

1972 Westgate Shopping Centre opens

1975 The Museum of Oxford opens

1986 Westgate is refurbished

2011 The population of Oxford 149,000

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