By Tim Lambert

Early Paris

52 The Romans build a city on the Ile de la Cite

486 The Franks conquer Paris

9th century The Vikings raid Paris

11th century Paris is flourishing. Trade is thriving.

1200 Paris University is founded

13th century The population of Paris is about 200,000

1357-58 A rebellion takes place in Paris

1420 The English capture Paris

1436 The French recapture Paris

1528 Francois I moves his court to Paris

1572 French Protestants are massacred by Catholics in Paris

1607 The Pont Neuf is built

1629 The Palais Royal is built

1789 A crowd captures the Bastille

1803 The Pont des Arts opens

Modern Paris

1814 Allied armies occupy Paris

1830 Another revolution takes place in Paris

1832 Cholera strikes Paris

1848 Another revolution takes place in Paris

1870 The Prussians lay siege to Paris

1871 A rebellion in Paris is crushed

1889 The Eiffel Tower is unveiled

1940 The Germans occupy Paris

1944 Paris is liberated

1968 Paris is rocked by student riots

1973 Tour Montparnasse is built

1977 The Pompidou Centre is built

2013 Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall opens

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