By Tim Lambert

Perth in the 19th Century

1829 Perth is founded. On 2 May Charles Fremantle claims the whole of Australia outside New South Wales for Britain. Perth is founded on 12 August.

1835 The Old Mill is built

1836 The Old Court House is built

1845 Supreme Court Gardens are laid out

1856 Perth is made a city. It also gains gas lighting.

1870 A Town Hall is built

1872 A park is laid out. In 1872 it is named Kings Park.

1881 Perth is connected to Guildford by railway

1888 St George's Cathedral is built

1892 There is a gold rush in Western Australia and the population of Perth booms

1898 Perth Zoo opens

1899 Queens Gardens are laid out. Perth Mint is established. Electric trams begin running in the streets of Perth.

Perth in the 20th Century

1911 The University of Western Australia is founded

1958 Trams stop running in Perth

1973 Perth Concert Hall opens

1976 The AMP Building is erected

1978 Governor Stirling Tower is built

1988 Bank West Building is built

1991 Exchange Plaza is built

1997 Mardalup Park is laid out

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